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5 Songs I Love w/ Acchy

Melbourne-based artist Acchy has blown us away with his raw energy and emotion on new track 'My Cyanide'. We caught up with the pop punk artist to find out a bit more about the music that inspires his sound. If you're a fan of the tracks featured, make sure to check out 'My Cyanide' below!

1. Yung Trench ft. DIRTYXAN - Anti

I recently discovered Yung Trench through Instagram and it’s safe to say that his music is phenomenal. ‘Anti’ has such a catchy hook and bouncy rhythm that it’s pretty hard to not bop your head. Definitely looking forward to what Trench has coming for us.

2. Machine Gun Kelly - lonely

‘Lonely’ is one of my go-to tracks when I miss someone who isn’t in my life anymore. The raw delivery and straight to the point lyrics really takes your mind to another place. I sometimes go for sunset drives along the beach with this song playing as loud as it goes, the perfect song for it.

3. Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours

Ed Sheeran has always been one of my favourite songwriters, and Visiting Hours is nothing short of amazing. I find the story behind the writing of the song really fascinating. Sheeran wrote it in the 2-week isolation period that he had to do in order to attend his good friend Michael Gudinski’s memorial service in Australia. Truly shows Sheeran’s love for his art and

ability to convey a message which hits close to home for many.

4. Sueco - SOS (feat. Travis Barker)

It’s finally time pop-punk made its comeback- and Sueco is definitely doing his part to revive it. The piano that sustains throughout the track is super unique and grabbed my attention from the get-go. Then the energetic hook feels like you’ve been thrown back into the early 2000s with the awesome drum fills and vocal top-line. Overall an amazing track (and video)!

5. Green Day - 21 Guns

’21 Guns’ is definitely one of my all-time favourite Green Day tracks to date. The slow and emotional tone of the song really makes you feel like you’re watching the stars collide in slow motion. I also think the story behind the whole album is pretty interesting too! The video takes the song to a whole new level however. With the feathers falling and gunfire as two lovers kiss in the middle of it all – so awesome. Definitely serves as inspiration for my own music videos.

Watch the video for Acchy's new track 'My Cyanide':

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