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5 Songs I Love w/ AMAVA

Having released her latest stunning single 'Jungle' earlier this year, up-and-coming pop artist AMAVA is setting herself up for a truly remarkable year. Boasting a truly electrifying soundscape AMAVA is making her name known and proving herself to be an artist to watch for sure.

We caught up with AMAVA earlier this week to discover her top five all time favourite tracks...

Del Water Gap - Ode to a Conversation Stuck In Your Throat

This is a song that I already know is going to be the top song on my yearly most-listened to Spotify playlist. I’ve been a fan of Del Water Gap for a while after hearing High Tops back in late 2017 and I’ve been following his career ever since. This song was an immediate favorite of mine after hearing it just one time. To me, there’s something about the chorus that just hits you in the chest and the ache in his voice and lyrics through the chorus is just so incredibly palpable.

Phoebe Bridgers - Moon Song

Phoebe is probably one of my favorite artists of the last few years and when Punisher came out and I heard Moon Song, I was pretty much floored. The lyrics are so personal to her yet seem so relatable as a listener. The last bit of the song with the line “you’re holding me like water in your hands” is a lyric that 1) I wish I wrote and 2) brings me to tears every time because you can really hear the sadness shining through her voice. I love the whole album but this one is a definite favorite.

Charli XCX - Forever

I’ve been a Charli fan since the Tumblr days and she absolutely knocks it out of the park every single time with every album she puts out. This song came out right as quarantine was starting and while it brings back memories of that weird haze of 2020, there is just something just so captivating about the synths under the track and the way she writes melodies. The build up in the end is this beautiful chaos of released tension and I for sure come around to this song once or twice a day.

Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage

This is another song that just kind of hits me in the chest in all the best ways. The build up in the end is one of my favorites of all time. This has for sure become one of those “dramatic” car songs that I’ll listen to.

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

This is just an old fave. I remember my parents playing it when I was young and it’s one that has stuck with me that I still play and enjoy. It’s one of the most iconic guitar riffs of all time and for a good reason.

And you can check out Amava's latest release 'Jungle' here...

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