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5 Songs I Love w/ Amy Correa Bell

South California's own Amy Correa Bell recently unveiled her latest spellbinding music video for the energetic and dynamic 'The Let Go'. Filled with stylish R&B infused beats and captivating pop melodies, 'The Let Go' is just the latest example of the charming stylings of one of the most exciting Pop artists of the moment.

We caught up with Amy Correa Bell earlier this week to find out her all time favourite tracks...

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

The first time I heard In Your Eyes was in the movie “Say Anything”, and the memory was definitely associated with true love and relentless hope. Even more inspiring is the live version which gets me into the most uplifting headspace musically. The pianos are my absolute fave on this track and Peter Gabriel’s vocals have so much vulnerability. This is my song to God, all of the time.

Pharcyde - Passin Me By

Back when it was cool to learn every word to every rap song you love, this cut gave me so many new “don’t give a fuck” vibes. It’s a classic that never gets old. This is authentic old school hip hop that showcases raw talent and passion for life. I love the unique cadence and delivery of every line. This track still goes so hard.

New Edition - I’m Comin' Home

This song is produced by 2 of my favorite producers of all time, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. They know things about chord structure and melodies that pull on your heart strings. I looove the harmonies and hook on this track. New Edition had that natural chemistry as a group that I still don’t think can be recreated. They changed music culture. This song is so timeless and makes me feel like I’m in a movie that has a somber but happy, romantic ending.

1975 - Love It If We Made It

Melodically and lyrically one of my favorite songs. I love the delivery of the verses. It’s a newer song that still conjures nostalgia. I am obsessed with this band, and this song is the Ultimate VIBE.

Madonna - Live To Tell

This song is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Definitely the best intro I’ve ever heard. This takes me back to when I was a little girl dreaming of doing music….anything was possible then, and still is now. A nostalgic reminder of all that’s possible.

You can follow Amy Correa Bell on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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