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5 Songs I Love w/ Call Me Cannon

Call Me Cannon has just released their latest single, "You Want My Love." The track is a contemporary take on the classic rock song, a perfect vehicle to highlight the songwriting talents of the group. Members Michael Fitzgerald, Jonathan Clark, and Tony Brock combined their lengthy and highly acclaimed careers in performance, recording, and songwriting, to create the supergroup that is Call Me Cannon.

We sat down with the band to discuss their biggest influences, individually!

Jonathan Clark:

1. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush - “Don’t Give Up”

"This song has always moved me to the core. It is one of the most creative basslines I

have ever heard and I just can’t find anything wrong with it."

2. Chris Stapleton - “Whiskey and You”

"For me, this song is a master class in delivery. The dynamics in his playing and singing

are absolutely perfect for this song and it needs nothing more than one guitar and one


Michael Fitzgerald:

3. Jerome Kern - “All the Things You Are”

This song taught me so much about harmonics, modality, circle of fifths and the A-A-B-A song structure.

4. Chuck Berry - “Johnny B Goode”

"This song taught me about story telling in songwriting and the amalgamation of blues and

country. Not to mention what a showman!!"

Tony Brock:

5. Chris Stapleton - "You Should Probably Leave"

"I found myself in the same situation many years ago, so it hit home immediately!

Plus the vocal is very influenced by Otis Redding…one of the most talented singers


Stream "You Want My Love" today! Follow Call Me Cannon: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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