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5 Songs I Love w/ David Read

Electronic artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer David Read is Barcelona-based and a California native that has built a highly-impressive discography. Building on soundscapes with electrifying vocals, flawless beats and cinematic fusions, he's gained high profile support from notable publication DJ Mag Spain and opened for Christian Löffler whilst maintaining residencies and performing at shows across the city's party realm.

His latest project 'In That Blue' EP sees Read continue the broad and adventurous direction he first emerged into the music scene with, providing listeners with a diverse and multi-dimensional selection of cuts that transcend across multiple genres.

Following the release of his elevating new release, we caught up with David Read to discuss his favourite tracks.


Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Kid A changed everything for me. It showed me that electronic music can be emotive and intelligent. This track specifically - what can I say that hasn’t already been said. The iconic opening synth line. The sound design on the synth. The lyrics’ reminder that everything is exactly how it should be even though we don’t see it at the moment. Love this song.

Norma Jean - The Human Face Divine

This one was the hardest to choose. My hardcore days are wrapped in nostalgia and were formative years for me. I spent my high school and college years listening to bands like The Chariot, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Every Time I Die. Whether it was a local show or driving three hours with my friends in my shitty 89 Mustang, I was always at a sweaty show swinging my arms around, trying to not get kicked in the throat. This track is dirty and dynamic and has an outstanding performance from Josh Scogin who is, in my mind, the best hardcore frontman ever. Scogin’s tendency to repeat a single lyric impacted me a great deal.

MF Doom - Doomsday

Of all my hip hop favorites, I had to go with this one because it always puts a smile on my face - the sound is pure joy. The Sade sample is impeccable and the rhymes are classic Doom weirdness. It’s got so many quotes…”I took her back to the truck / She was uncouth / Spittin’ all out the sunroof / Through her missing tooth.”

Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

I had been a Jon Hopkins fan for a while before Immunity came out. I was watching a science fiction movie called Monsters (highly recommended) and the score is gorgeous. Turns out Mr Hopkins himself was the composer, and there I found an idol. Open Eye Signal absolutely blew my mind when it came out. He had never done anything so concretely “club” before, and he nailed it. The track is incredibly emotive, the sound design is crazy, and the video is also one of my favorites.

Brand New - Jesus Christ

I love Brand New, and it’s super tough to pick THE song. Lyrically, Jesus Christ is gorgeous. Jesse Lacey consistently has religious motifs in his lyrics, both exploratory and accusatory, as it were. Here, he wonders what will happen when he dies. He sings, “Jesus Christ, I'm not scared to die / I'm a little bit scared of what comes after / Do I get the gold chariot? / Do I float through the ceiling? / Do I divide and fall apart?” The instrumentation is simple and effective, and that little pause at the end never fails to make me smile.


Check out David Read's new EP 'In That Blue'

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