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5 Songs I Love w/ Ellen Arthur Blyth

Ellen Arthur Blyth has today released her captivating new single 'Nine'. The introspective single follows on from her early 2022 release 'Young Ones', which was more of a soulful expression. Ellen has certainly showed off her versatility as an artist, so we wanted to find out more about what sounds have inspired her over the years. Check out these tracks hand-picked by Ellen and if you love them then you're sure to love her!

1. I will always love you - Whitney Houston

I was 7 when this song was released and I remember I used to sit by the stereo in the kitchen for what felt like hours waiting for the radio DJ to play it. And when he did time would stop. For those 4 minutes and 34 seconds I felt only joy. I wanted to learn this magic of stopping time through music. 2. Dream Away - Frank Sinatra

I love Frank Sinatra’s phrasing and the warmth in his voice. When I listen to this song it reminds me to give myself permission to dream and create art and to see the wonder in the world again. “Dream away child, let your dreams run wild or a life time of worries might claim you”

3. Wannabe - The Spice Girls

Spice was the first ever album I bought on cassette. I was 11 when Wannabe came out and it was love at first listen. I learnt all dance moves, started dressing like them and GIRL POWER became my mantra. At school we performed Wannabe for the talent show and I was say I was heartbroken when she left the band was understatement.

4. Prioritise Pleasure – Self Esteem

This song is one of my favourites from her album of the same name. I saw her perform in Dublin recently with my sister and two nieces. It might have been one of the best nights of my life. I felt like I was at the 2021 version of a Spice Girls Concert. I danced my socks off and sung along to every one of her fearless, clever and inspired lyrics. This was my album of 2021. If you haven’t heard it..go listen now!

5. Love is a losing Game – Amy Winehouse

Everything about Amy was magic. She had an extraordinary gift for lyrics and melody. She was the first artist I had come across in my generation that didn’t appear to be conforming to what was popular at the time. It felt like she was doing what and wanted to do musically and in that way she was exercising control over her creative process, and I think it was hugely empowering and inspiring to witness.

The cinematic pop track 'Nine' fittingly arrives with a Hitchcock-style music video which you can check out below!



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