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5 Songs I Love w/ Emma Danelon

Following the release of her dark-pop EP 'Ipnosi', we caught up with Emma Danelon to find out more about the music that inspires her unique sound. If you like Emma's picks, be sure to check out her new EP at the end!

I just love the triumphant energy of Lil Nas X and that Kanye West production as I’m a huge fan of his music. The brass sound and the bass are just amazing on this track

The whole album Donda is great, love the obscure use of the sample of “Jenny from the block” and I love the metaphors of heaven and hell on Earth

I will never be tired of this album of The Weekend, which has a very bittersweet feeling to it and it brings me back to memories. This man’s music inspires me a lot.

This must be one of the groups who inspired me most, It’s one of my dream collaborations and I’m so sad that they are not doing albums anymore aha. I like their selection of voices, the simple and straightforward lyrics and I like the atmospheres they create. This is not background music and it’s not the sort of music you can play randomly to friends, but it’s so intimate and deep that you will listen to years and like it.

I’m obsessed with franglish’ voice right now, I have honestly no idea of what he saying but he sounds amazing and this track has an old school feeling that I like. Also, I love French.

Make sure to check out Emma Danelon's new EP 'Ipnosi'


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