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5 Songs I Love w/ Lew Apollo

Texas-based, rising star Lew Apollo has become a notable credit within the scene, climbing the ranks in the Minneapolis and Texas, blues, rock and soul scene, making him a highly favoured, house favourite across the city. His releases focus on the issue one suffers with mental health, whilst incorporating a unique blend of innovative percussion, flawless vocals and heart-felt lyrics throughout.

His latest single ‘TROUBLE ON MY MIND’ from his debut EP 'JUNGLE' is a seductive blues meets rock affair with neo-soul influences. Lew Apollo’s striking and flawless vocals add vital texture to the track, whilst the heart-felt lyrics touch on the mental struggles the artist endured after his father’s suicide last year. It’s an extremely powerful track that will resonate with listeners and fans alike, whilst the official music video serves up an enthralling work of art of the raw feeling of mental health.

We caught up with Lew Apollo to find out his top five favourite records of all time, following the release of his debut EP 'JUNGLE'...


Q - Take Me Where Your Heart Is

Ever since I first heard this song it pierced my soul. Sonically it's so melancholic with beautiful falsetto throughout. Not many songs produced now feel timeless and stand the test of time, but I feel this is one that will never get old and won't be defined by the period it was written. Q is one of my favorite artists right now. I think he's a pioneer in the neo-soul space.

Mac Miller - Good News

I never really was into Mac until the last few years when his last two albums came out. Talk about touching your heart. This song is definitely an emotional roller coaster following his death. I nearly cry every time at the end when he says "There's a whole lot more for me waiting". Such a powerful song following his passing.

Rival Sons - Pressure & Time

If I had to pick my all-time favorite "band" it'd be Rival Sons. This is the first track I heard from them back in 2011. I turned all my friends and family onto them including my Dad. My Dad and I saw them many times live and really bonded over our love for this band. In my opinion they are the perfect blend of Rock & Roll and Blues Rock. Led Zeppelin meets the Stones. So much power and soul in the vocal and just a perfect all around band.

Medicine Man Revival - Voodoo Queen

I only heard of this guy through my producer BLK ODYSSY. MMR came up and sang a few times with BLK ODYSSY live and they did this track at a super intimate venue here in Austin, TX. The groove and changes in this song are insane. The passion and grit to the tones and vocals are in a league of their own. This is definitely a song I wish I wrote and am working at trying to get the same groove and energy in my songs. I think it's the perfect blend of gritty Blues Rock and Soul.

Jacob Banks - By Design [Evel Knievel]

This was my favorite song last year. It's up there with the greatest songs of all time in my opinion. Perfect voice and lyrics. I was raised listening to Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and Neil Young as well as old gospel singers like Mahalia Jackson. This is the best of folk songwriting paired with the best gospel/soul voice in today's music. Jacob is definitely one of my favorite artists. There are certain songs you can't stop listening to, for years... this is one of them.


Check out Lew Apollo's debut EP 'JUNGLE'

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