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5 Songs I Love w/ Matthew Alexander

Matthew Alexander recently shared his blissful debut EP 'Meraki'. Lead single 'Overboard' harks back to the vintage 2000s R&B gems, with a modernised charm in Alexander's vocals and luscious overriding delivery. We loved it so much we invited Matthew to sit down and tell us all about his 5 favourite songs, exclusively for FLEX!

He says "I would probably pick one of my own tracks from the EP, ‘Overboard’ would be one of my pics. It’s the guitar riff on this track that sets this track apart from the other tracks on my EP project. It has a great balance of pop and R&B infused instrumentation but aside from one of my own tracks, here’s my 5 songs I love."


1. Brent Faiyaz - Best Time

This song is on heavy rotation for me right now with its late 90’s / early 2000’s throwback sample from Kelis’s ‘Caught Out There. I love Pharrell and Chads iconic production with Brent’s vocal. It creates such a dope vibe. The latest R&B bop for the party, or for the car on the way to the party.

2. Destin Conrad - Same Mistake (feat. Alex Isley)

I have this song on repeat. It’s the instrumentation and vocal arrangement. The chords are somewhat haunting but still soulful. Destin is one of my favourite artists right now. His vocal arrangement, choice of harmony and lyrics are so fresh. Also Alex Isley’s tone is so beautiful. They really compliment each other on this song. This is a beautifully executed new R&B record. 

3. Solange Knowles - Cranes in the Sky

This song is just so iconic. I really feel it’s set the tone for the future sound of RnB. The live instrumentation and lo-fi vocal production is really what R&B is about right now and what’s needed in a world were vocals have recently been so heavily processed and auto tuned. Salonge’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ album has quickly cemented itself as a classic in my vinyl collection. This song is eclectic from the vocal delivery to the music video.

4. Summer Walker - Unloyal (feat. Ari Lennox)

I reach for this song often. I love the Tempo and the sultry vibe the saxophone brings to the instrumentation. Putting summer and Ari on the same record is just genius. Their voices work so well together irrespective of their individual styles. This is real R&B, so smooth. The background vocals are effortlessly delivered beautifully, and the lyrics are modern and hard hitting. An instant favourite.

5. Faith Evans - Soon As I Get Home

I’ve always loved this song. It’s such an R&B Classic and represents the 90’s R&B era well. In a way it’s a bit of a blueprint for R&B slow jams. Faith Evans’s vocal is angelic on this record. The concept is so powerful while being harmonically alluring. A uniquely written love song that has stood the test of time.

And don't forget to checkout Matthew Alexander's incredible new EP 'Meraki' below:


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