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5 Songs I Love w/ Max Madly

Max Madly has just released her debut EP, "welcome to my head where everything is sad," a blend of her unique indie sound and immersive storytelling. In complete control of all of her artistry, from lyrics to visuals, the six-track collection of songs takes the listener through a journey that can be best described as both "haunting" and "ethereal." Max Madly is a character in herself, a blend of cinematic production and a classically trained three-octave vocal range.

We sat down with Max Madly to discuss some of her favorite tracks, and how they have inspired this recent body of work!

1. Dervish by Joep Beving

"This song never fails to put me in a trance-like state. I feel like a giant cobra being soothed by a flute. It also has touches of Middle Eastern lilts to it, which feels like home to me. Beving's work is complete genius. He is my favorite composer of all time."

2. The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra by Anna Von Hausswolff

"Honestly, I wish I had written this song. It's utterly intoxicating and perfect in every way. I aspire to this level of artistry. The enigmatic vocal performance by Hausswolff is what I strive to do in my own work - a mix of ethereal highs and raw/guttural lows."

3. mary magdalene by FKA Twigs

"I always feel like Twigs takes me to an intensely emotional and vulnerable place in her music. I love how seamlessly this track blends harsh and soft elements, while capturing her pain and torment."

4. Deep England by NYX, Gazelle Twin

"I've never heard anything like this song. The drone choir elements, while rooted in Gregorian chant-like layering, are ridden with dark tropes and this heaviness that I can't stop listening to. I feel like I've journeyed to another realm when I listen to this record."

5. Celestial Blues by King Woman

"This track captures everything I adore about listening to music and then some. The dichotomy between the light and dark captured in every facet of the track is beyond inspiring. When I listen to it, I feel powerful and otherworldly. It's like my body takes over my brain and I can't help but move."

Stream "welcome to my head where everything is sad" across platforms. Follow Max Madly: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube | X

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