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5 Songs I Love w/ Robert Grace

Following the release of Robert Grace's anthemic alt-pop offering 'Break the Silence', we wanted to find out more about the music that inspires the Irish singer-songwriter. If you're a fan of the tracks below, make sure to check out 'Break the Silence'. 1. Jon Bellion - Good Things Fall Apart

I scream this song whenever I'm in the car by myself. I love the melodies, production and the mix is just so good!! Mr Bellion is a genius! 2. Ben Platt - Imagine

This is another track that Jon Bellion is involved in. I don’t get too emotional over many songs but this one gets me every time. Ben’s voice is just incredible. 3. The Night Game - Bad Girls Don’t Cry

This tune never got the recognition it deserved. Modern 80s vibes. I love some 80s every now and again. This is a song I listen to when I want to get hyped up!! It's all about melodies for me. 4. The 1975 - The Sound

More 80s vibes!!! The melodies & production on this track are why I love it. I also love a good “crowd singing” chorus. Super catchy! 5. Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We’re Goin Down

Grew up listening to pop punk and it shaped the artist I am today. These guys are still one of all time favourite bands. Ive listened their album “From Under the Cork Tree” about a million times. Love every song!

;Break the Silence' is out now via Columbia Germany / RCA US. Follow Robert Grace on Instagram.



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