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5 Things That Inspire Me w/ Aria Jay

Earlier this month the mesmerising alt-pop artist Aria Jay unveiled her latest stunning track, 'Cried All on My Own'. This electric and transformative anthem showcases Jay's extraordinary talent for putting a unique R&B inspired spin on modern pop music.

As such, we caught with with her earlier this week to learn just what inspires this incredible emerging artist at such an important moment in her career...



Other artists and their music (of course)- Dan D’lion is a big current favourite, Refs, Jack Garratt, Kevin Garrett, Jack Harlow, and always Beyonce.


Contemporary art, especially mixed media artists and photographers. Seeing the way these artists put together things that don’t necessarily make sense together is a big creative inspiration for me with my music and visuals. Favourites include: Alex Da Corte, Dan Flavin, Peter Gronquist, Eugenia Loli, Damien Hirst, Petra Collins, Wes Anderson.


Learning how to read charts and connecting to my own spirituality in that way has helped me tap into a deeper connection with myself. Chani Nicholas is the astrologer I always look to for readings and insight.


Getting dressed everyday is a big form of expression for me. I love to accessorize. I love to do a monochromatic look with one pop of colour. I love to take something kind of grungy and dress it up. And every day is different!


TV shows that are really beautiful to watch and also portray real experiences. Currently watching Generation. Forever faves of this genre are Euphoria and Girls.

You can check out Aria Jay's new track 'Cried All on My Own' here...

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