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92elm shares sleek new EP ‘There You Are’

Producer, songwriter and musical cocktail creator, 92elm is back, unveiling his latest EP There You Are after revealing the project with the glowing, heartfelt grooves of soulful track ‘Stasis’ and the funk-fuelled bass line and pop-laced melodies of ‘Tell No Tales’. Expanding the five-track with three new numbers ‘Dead Ends’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Mask’, 92elm does even more to showcase how impressive his production style is, blending genres together for a simply addictive warmth and fresh, energetic performances.

Rooted in the sleek bass pathways he carves then laced with gorgeous electronic design and the twinkling, natural feel of a clean electric guitar, he builds the perfect foundation for his passion-filled, authentic vocal delivery, shining down through floating harmony and strong lead moments.

92elm shares, ”This EP is a leap forward for me - My vocals & lyric writing are more up front & honest than anything I've created in the past. The EP contains themes of loss, pain, feeling stagnant in life, and moving through these things in the process of stepping into myself fully. That's why I titled it "There You Are" because writing about these challenging experiences helped me locate myself.”

An artist, producer and sound engineer based in Philadelphia, 92elm creates a unique blend of R&B, pop, neo-soul, jazz and electronica, accumulating an impressive audience for his solo music and working with industry titans. With both in-depth technical expertise and constantly building creative prowess, the new EP is seemingly the start of a new era for the talent.



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