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  • Ellie McGuire

A-Legend Questions Goodbye Or See You Later On New Album

Following the success of ‘The World Is Yours’, A-Legend returns with his highly-anticipated album, Goodbye or See You Later.

The 20-track musical offering battles his alter-ego and his true self. It deals with thoughts about letting go of the journey and struggle of a passionate artist. Based on three years of work, he only hopes the listener can vibe, relate, and resonate with his music.

There’s an overarching objective as A-Legend explores boundaries exploring three meanings in this album; fighting for the kid who had a dream, battling balance, and goodbye to all the naysayers.

Goodbye Or See You Later, features a blend of genres with an energetic vibe with pop, rap, and hip-hop flavouring present throughout the album. The resonating storytelling will engage listeners from the first beat as A-Legend discusses some relatable topics of social anxiety, trauma, and darkness, accompanied by melodic tunes in a rap element.

The album is a great addition to A-Legend’s musical discography. With some diversity, he doesn’t stray too far from his reasons why, Goodbye Or See You Later, was created. There are true strengths in his musical talents and overall efforts to be emotively showcasing a memorable record that truly deserves your attention.

A-Legend comments on the album, “There are three meanings expressing the darkness and fighting for the light and true self. Saying goodbye to haters whether that is family, people you have known for years, loved ones, or close ones. Expressing the feeling of what it feels like to want to give up but you hanging in there.”

Be sure to check out ‘Goodbye Or See You Later’:


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