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A Review of Lucy Lane's 'I Don't Want To Be Angry': Embracing Dark Pop & Challenging Norms

Lucy Lane, an emerging musical powerhouse, breaks barriers with her latest single, 'I Don't Want To Be Angry.'

This track showcases Lucy's fearless exploration of difficult themes while delivering a sleek production style and artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from unapologetic pop, classic rock, and euphoric electronic music, Lucy Lane defies genre boundaries and offers a unique and captivating sound.

Lucy Lane's 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' is a powerful and daring release that showcases her distinct sound and lyrical depth. With an upcoming music video and support appearance, Lucy Lane is making waves in the dark-pop scene, demanding attention and challenging societal norms. Her ability to blend genres, deliver thought-provoking messages, and infuse her music with raw energy positions her as a rising star to watch. As Lucy Lane continues to fearlessly express herself through her music, audiences can anticipate a remarkable journey of self-discovery and artistic growth.

A Powerful Exploration of Anger

'I Don't Want To Be Angry' is a dark and haunting track that delves into the complexities of anger. Inspired by conversations about gender-based violence and personal experiences of emotional violence, Lucy Lane weaves together ethereal synth pads, pounding drums, and poignant lyrics to create a spell-like quality. The track serves as an anthem for releasing anger and seeking justice, while honouring the importance of healthy anger expression. Collaborating with producer Mint Sauce and guitarist Eric Matern, Lucy Lane infuses the song with apocalyptic and dramatic elements, resulting in a powerful sonic experience.

Photo credit: Lily Lytton

Anger is one of the most important emotions in the human experience. It’s primitive and protective. It shapes our moral compass and sparks change. It’s not the emotion that’s the problem, but the way we express it. I was angry about everything from structural violence to a guy who wasn’t texting me back when I wrote it. So I think everyone can relate to it - because anger is a universal experience. But in our society, we’ve been taught to suppress it - especially women. This song is about honouring it, as part of healthy anger expression. ‘Love is the default, hate is a knife, anger is pure if you use it with light.’ When you learn to control it, instead of letting it control you, it becomes pure, even divine Lucy Lane

The Visual Journey

Lucy Lane's promotion of 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' includes an accompanying music video directed by Kassandra Powell, a breakout filmmaker based in London. The video premiered on July 14 2023, and complements the dark atmospheric mood of the track. Collaborating with Powell and production company Camp, the video concept originated from Lucy's idea of a dramatic haircutting scene whilst wearing her mother's wedding dress. Drawing references from Joan of Arc and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, the video takes viewers through three abstract, minimalist scenes, bringing to life a dark fairytale of a girl whose anger grows in her hair.

A Showcase of Female Talent

Lucy Lane has recently announced her support appearance for musician Tally Spear on July 19th 2023, at Paper Dress Vintage in London. The event will feature the screening of the 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' music video, highlighting female talent in the music industry. Organized by Generation W, a platform dedicated to celebrating women in alternative pop and alternative rock genres, this performance promises to be a remarkable showcase of empowering and diverse music - GET TICKETS NOW

Lucy Lane's Rise to Prominence

With 'I Don't Want To Be Angry,' Lucy Lane solidifies her position as a rising force in the music industry. She fearlessly embraces the darker aspects of herself, defying imposter syndrome, ageism, and industry elitism. Her music resonates with audiences seeking honest and relatable experiences, as she tackles personal frustrations and societal issues through her lyrics. Lucy Lane's raw energy and authenticity captivate listeners, and her music serves as a vessel for emotional expression.

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