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  • Alice Smith

ABBA Revisited? New single ‘Same Old Missing You’ by UK/Swedish duo conjures up some musical memories.

A new song by Swedish singing star Ann Winsborn and iconic UK songwriter Dominic Bugatti, is causing a stir. With a beautiful blonde Swedish girl who has the voice of an angel, the ABBA comparisons were always going to be apparent. Team this up with one of the UK’s finest songwriters and the comparisons are more than justified. Same Old Missing You by Ann Winsborn and Dominic Bugatti is pop perfection. 3 minutes of pure class – catchy, irresistible, and fun. The duo claim that they made the track the way they wanted to, and any similarity to the sound of ABBA is purely coincidental. 

Ann Winsborn is a popular Swedish artist, singer, and songwriter with a legacy of successful tracks. Ann was born in Malmö and made her recording debut with the song Everything I Do. Her debut album Everything I Am was an instant success, and her third single, Je N'ai Pas Compris landed Ann a record deal with Universal Music in Poland. With the single La La Love On My Mind from her second album Pink Collar Crime, Ann had a big hit breakthrough throughout Europe.

Dominic Bugatti is an iconic UK songwriter with hit songs that include the BMI Two Million Play Awarded classic Every Woman In The World by Air Supply, Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust/Daft Punk, the two Three Degrees’ gold singles My Simple Heart and A Woman In Love, Sheena Easton’s Modern Girl and her Miami Vice feature When He Shines, as well as the Paul Nicholas UK hit Dancing With The Captain and his US top five Heaven On The Seventh Floor. 

Coolly sung by Ann with an appealing hint of a Swedish accent, the duo's new single Same Old Missing You, written and produced by Dominic, highlights the problems around moving on from a broken love affair.

Dominic says ’Same Old Missing You’ was not created with ABBA’s music in mind, and that his favourite acts from that era were Prince and The Beatles, but that Ann’s vocal has brought about the comparisons to the Swedish foursome. 

Does their song remind you of ABBA’s music?



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