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  • Alice Smith

Alfalfa's Debut EP: A Sonic Journey Through Lockdown Emotions

Luxembourg's dynamic duo, Alfalfa, has officially unleashed their highly anticipated self-titled debut EP, showcasing a mesmerizing fusion of infectious indie-tinged electronic-pop tracks adorned with creative production. Spearheaded by the musical prowess of Charel Geimer and Bert Jung, this seven-track collection explores the light and dark dimensions of the band's sound— from dance beats and uplifting melodies to moments of reflection and melancholy.

In a musical diary that resonates with the tumultuous emotions of the pandemic era, Alfalfa takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of their experiences. As the world faced lockdowns and uncertainty, Charel and Bert found solace in expressing their creativity, resilience, and the deep bond that fuels their passion for making music together.

Having established themselves in 2018, ALFALFA is the result of a longstanding musical partnership between Geimer and Jung, spanning nearly fifteen years. Despite the creative challenges presented by the pandemic-induced pause, Charel and Bert embraced the period as an inspiration for their music to create their debut EP.



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