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An Interview with Themboy: the 'Take Me Home' Music Video

Themboy is a half-Cypriot non-binary pop artist whose mission is to truly level the playing field in pop music. With the recent release of ‘Take Me Home’ reaching over 10k streams on Spotify, the anticipated release of the accompanying music video is predicted to make waves in London’s glam-pop grassroots scene.

Expressing their creativity from an early age, and with influences that reach to before they were born, Themboy’s aesthetic is bold, queer and unapologetically gorgeous! Inspired by icons like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Sam smith, the well versed performer has made their mark in the modelling industry, being the first non-binary model on the cover of Country & Town House and face of an international Olay campaign.

Now broadening their world to the music industry and with the help of producer Greg Parys, Themboy’s debut single is a proven party anthem! Delivering a deep baseline with a Euro Dance vibe and stunning vocals, ‘Take Me Home’ is near impossible to forget. Sonically, the track embraces the essence of pop artists ranging from Troy Sivan, Kim Petras, Olly Years, and Rina Sawayama.


Them boy is my artist persona. Im a trans Superstar supermodel pop star adrodgenous goddess. It’s all about fucking with gender and society’s pressure to conform. Im very indecisive and right now that’s the name that captures the era im in. Im ever changing.

What do you stand for?

My music empowers listeners to be a bad bitch. Being visable as a trans person, I want tell a story with my music and give perspective for those who don’t understand but also give my community an anthem. The energy switches in every song. Take me home was just my first song, it’s about going out in the club and being wanted because you look hot and serving Cunty. To the DL boys, I ain’t no secret so when you’re done eyeing me up. Come here and take me home.

Who do you aspire to follow musically?

Im constantly and always have been inspired by Lady Gaga. She celebrates and flys the flag for the weirdos . I love her multi disciplinary nature, she acts, sings, dances, writes. The list goes on. Her vision is so strong and no one album is the same. Her reinvention is something I aspire for.

What demographic would you say your music speaks to and why?

I want my music to accessible and really like to think my music is super commercial. I don’t want to just do alternative music which seems to be the box queer people are put in. I can do radio hits and clean pop hooks. Anyone can enjoy my music. My music inspires you get up and dance, throw on some sexy clothes and strut down the street. If my music doesn’t make you feel like a supermodel then it ain’t working. It goes without saying my priority and dream to so inspire my beautiful trans sisters. They uplift me so my music is a homage to them.

What can we expect next from you?

I oversee and produce everything and that’s an element of my craft I will never lose. For the future I want to continue to push the bar and maintain my truth. You can expect fashion! I will bring iconic looks to iconic music videos. Dancing my ass off and pushing myself reaching for performance excellence. You can expect bops from me this year. Period.

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