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Angelyna Rose drops exciting remix of Tiesto's '10:35'

2023 has seen the evolution of AI technology, and it was only a matter of time until it made its way into music. This has been the case with mysterious DJ and producer Angelyna Rose, where the Boston based artist has continued her elusiveness with a fresh take on Tiesto's '10:35'.

But instead of just remixing the track which has been the trend since remixes began, Rose has gone one step further and has implemented AI vocals which replicate Ariana Grande's voice to topline over the song. The result is brilliant and insanely catchy, sounding like a song that could have been written by Grande herself. Labelled '10:35 (Grande Remake)', Rose continues to disrupt and innovate in what has been a male dominated genre in EDM for quite some time, in this cleverly arranged remake of a smash dance hit. Check it out now.

Stream '10:35 Grande Remake' here:


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