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AP the Plan release brand new music video ‘Monday Afternoon’

AP The Plan have released the music video to their latest single, 'Monday Afternoon'. The track is a smooth futuristic hip-hop bop. The Philadelphia duo push out their talent with slow vocals matched with a hypnotising beat. Lyrically empowering and positive, the duo attack the beat; which synchronises well with their sound. Monday afternoon is upbeat, fun, and chill - the track automatically makes listeners remember good times.

Directed by ACEBABY, the music video is a perfect example of creativity and how to make the most of what you got! Shot on an 8mm cassette tape and an old camcorder at their home studio. The duo are having fun doing relatable activities, making the video memorable and charismatic.

When speaking about the track, AP the plan state, 'baby if you rolling, then I'm skipping' Monday afternoon is about seeing the issues in a situation & not letting them get to you & letting go of whatever it is that's hurting you, We just want our listeners to be able to let go of what’s hurting them.”

Watch the full video below:

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