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Asha Elia shares beautiful version of her single 'Heavenly War (Live)'

Platoon's latest compilation EP, 'A UK Gospel Celebration,' unveils a remarkable collaboration that transcends the boundaries of Christian music and contemporary pop. At the heart of this compilation, Asha Elia's rendition of 'Heavenly War,' originally a vibrant single by Asha and her fiancé Namesbliss, stands as a testament to the power of music to convey deep spiritual messages.

Asha Elia's interpretation of 'Heavenly War' offers a fresh perspective on the Christian music landscape, boldly challenging the norms of the genre. What sets this rendition apart is its transformation from the upbeat original into a heartfelt duet between Asha and Namesbliss. The track not only defies musical categorisation but also invites listeners into a poignant and contemplative journey.

"I’ve been learning that spiritual warfare is about choosing life. As children of God, we possess more power than we often realize. We just need to know who we are before we can walk in our true identity. This is especially true for the war in our minds."

In this reimagined version, 'Heavenly War' emerges as an anthem of resilience and empowerment. Together, Asha Elia and Namesbliss invite us to embrace our God-given strength and answer the call of spiritual triumph. 'Heavenly War' is not just a song; it's a transformative musical experience that transcends genres and resonates deeply with the human spirit.

Stream 'Heavenly War (Live)' here:


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