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Au-Turn offers up the captivating new single 'I Walk In Capitals'

After originally becoming a staple of the 90s alt-rock scene as a member of legendary New Fast Automatic Daffodils, guitarist Dolan Hewison has been steadily working away at his solo project ever since. And after making a strong impact with his stellar debut single 'Water Boatman' under the name Au-Turn near the start of the year, the Manchester native is back once again to deliver his captivating new effort 'I Walk In Capitals'.

While those familiar with New Fast Automatic Daffodils will notice the striking similarity in the guitar progressions throughout this release, 'I Walk In Capitals' still has a distinctively rich and uplifting nature to it. Moving his sound towards a more atmospheric and euphoric nature on this new one, he is continuing to push himself creatively and deliver something far more unique to himself from start to finish.

Although these are still very early days for his Au-Turn project, there is something about 'I Walk In Capitals' that sees him rekindle the early fire from his New Fast days. Capturing a bright and enigmatic aura as often as possible, this is definitely a name we should be keeping a close eye on for the months ahead.

Enjoy 'I Walk In Capitals' below.



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