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B Written returns with new track 'Googling'

Exploding onto the scene once again, British singer-songwriter B Written shows no signs of slowing down on his latest track ‘Googling’.

Never taking his finger off the pulse, B Written explores the complexities of virtual love and the thinly-veiled trust issues that come alongside it. Set to a sun-soaked melody that resonates with the breezy warmth of romance, ‘Googling’ borrows from R&B and rap to create a sound that allows his distinct vocals to shine.

Clarifying the themes behind ‘Googling’, B Written explains "'Googling' narrates us through a modern day, virtual love story that looks perfect to the online audience but proves that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It is a reflection to our social climate and how the digital perception of us has become more important than the real thing, revealing the dark side to what people will really do for status and clout. The truth is you can design your virtual life from scratch; you can paint a picture of your lifestyle, love life and happiness to please total strangers. Did you ever really love me for me or did you only love me for what I could give you? Was it real or just virtual reality?”

With a notable amount of success already under his belt, B Written has been making his mark on the industry for years now. Having supported international artists such as Sean Paul and Ashanti, to home-grown talents like Krept & Konan and Bugzy, his electrifying live performances are unforgettable, unifying a myriad of genres and delivering urban underground to a mainstream audience.

As his reputation begins to garner a mass following, B Written is cementing himself as one to watch, and “Googling" is a tantalising slice of what’s to come.

Watch the video for Googling here:


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