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‘Back Then’ is the new feel-good bop by Huwbergine

Huwbergine, a brand new artist and side hustle of KOYO frontman Huw Edwards from Leeds, UK, is frank regarding his influences. Picking inspiration from Tame Impala, Mac Demarco to Connan Mockasin, this artist has been working towards his own sound. With self-released debut and sophomore singles, ‘Grow’ and ‘I’m On It’, both co-produced with Jay Russell (Yard Act), Huwbergine’s latest single ‘Back Then’, co-produced with Mike Horner, is exploding with post-lockdown positivity. The ecstatic bop is a danceable feel-good song with a classic yet modern taste. 'Back Then' is groovy, nostalgic, and full of 80s energy, a perfect tune to have on repeat this year. Huwbergine will have you fascinated from start to end with his accompanying video, revealing a narrative of himself reminiscing on times past through his current self viewing nostalgic TV shows—all played by Huw himself.

Revealing the meaning behind the new track, Huwbergine reveals:

“‘Back Then’ is a total nostalgia tune. I want people to look back on the good times and weep. Hopefully in a happy, sad, singing along at the top of your lungs with tears rolling down your cheeks kinda way. It was born out of the lockdown. I’m not the type of guy that gets lonely but even I felt down and out. I was fed up with having this burning desire to see the world, explore, and meet people and be so ready for that but all I could do was sit at home and dream about it. Either that or think back on the good times with a melancholy look on my face. Now I have such a lust for life and I’m so happy to finally get to share this tune with the wider world. Hopefully, people can relate”.

The new single, which was released via 88 Watt Records, is an exhilarating new offering from this pop wonder, pouring a dose of buoyant playful pop into your ears, reminiscing but certainly not lingering on those lockdown times. ‘Back Then’ is out now!

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