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barnacle boi takes us through his unique sonic journey in 'Love Hotel'

'Love Hotel' is the latest entrancing masterpiece from the acclaimed East Coast DJ and producer, Ian Oliver, known to many as barnacle boi. In this single, barnacle boi's phenomenal command over the 'wave' genre shines brightly and serves as an exciting prelude to his highly anticipated INTROSPECT EP.

'Love Hotel' is an immersive experience, saturated with enigmatic vibes that define barnacle boi's distinctive style. It's a captivating journey featuring soulful vocals, intricately crafted percussion, delicate hi-hats, and a silky, tranquil bass with avant-garde, space-inspired elements. Each note and rhythm whisks listeners away to an otherworldly dimension, a hallmark of the artist's work.

While 'Love Hotel' marks barnacle boi's debut label release, he's far from a newcomer to the music scene. His reputation has been steadily growing, earning him slots at prestigious music festivals this year, including Imagine Fest, Wakaan Fest, Elements Fest, and Sound Haven. He's become a recurring name on festival lineups, and fans in Atlanta have the chance to witness his electrifying performances at DEF.

With 'Love Hotel' offering a tantalising glimpse into what's to come, music enthusiasts eagerly await the full INTROSPECT EP. This forthcoming six-song collection promises more of barnacle boi's evocative and transcendental music. 'Love Hotel' stands as a testament to barnacle boi's artistry and his unique place in the world of electronic music, a place where he continues to captivate and inspire listeners.

Stream 'Love Hotel' here:


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