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Bear Beat delivers the tender new single 'Feel It Too'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single '1984' last year, emerging artist Bear Beat has been on an extremely prolific streak of late. Turning out a flurry of fresh and adventurous gems these last twelve months, he is quickly establishing himself as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now as he returns with his spellbinding new single 'Feel It Too'.

Channelling another heady dose of vibrant instrumentation throughout this new effort, 'Feel It Too' stands as one of the more tender additions to his ever-growing catalogue so far. Branching out his sound to explore folk-inspired aesthetics that still sit comfortably within a pop-based production, his newest release makes for a beautifully warm and embracing listen, brimming with emotive heart at every turn.

While he credits The Police and Sting as the original inspirations behind 'Feel It Too', its general sound is something more more inventive and ambitious to refine to a single influence. There is so much going on throughout this new effort that Bear Beat comes across as a name oozing with creative intrigue, and someone we definitely need to hear more from very soon.

Enjoy 'Feel It Too' below.



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