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Beau James Wilding releases signature sounding new album “seeing i god”

Beau James Wilding is certainly stamping his mark on the music industry. An accomplished musician, Wilding fuses together many different inspirations to create something unique. After an accident left him “legally blind,” he used his music as a coping mechanism, and he wants his music to provide a safe space for others also.

His latest offering is new album “seeing i god.” With textually diverse soundscapes and irresistible vocal lines, the album will be sure to pick you up and immerse you. “seeing i god” will take you on a musical journey across it’s emotionally-penned tracks.

Speaking about the album, Beau reveals: “ I wanted to create something that fused my love of Irish traditional music and 80’s California punk. Some examples of tonal touchstones are early Rollins-era Black Flag (e.g., the Damaged album), and early Planxty, e.g., the black album. The record was recorded using instruments associated with traditional Irish folk (bodhran, violin and Irish Bouzouki) as well as some dirty, feedback-y electric guitars.

The intention is to showcase a stark contrast between the beauty of nature and industrial civilization's mark upon it, such as a calming sunset seen through a barbed-wire fence, or the majestic coastline where I live speckled with oil derricks on the horizon. There is that which is ancient, natural and beautiful which may inform and provide insight into our journey, and there are the droppings left behind by mankind.

The title "seeing i god" is a pun on "seeing eye dog and speaks to transcending disability. I am "legally blind" and grew up with a father with a brain injury, so disability is something that has affected my world view since childhood. These imperfect bodies teach us strength, acceptance and wisdom.”

Beau James Wilding has an infamous live show which you need to catch. 2023 is sure to be his year.

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