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Biometrix & Nat James create a sonic thunderstorm of bass and hip-hop fusion in 'Heavy Artillery'

Biometrix and Nat James, two luminaries in their respective realms, collide with explosive force in their latest release, "Heavy Artillery," a seismic track that merges the best elements of bass music and hip-hop into a relentless and electrifying sonic experience.

As the inaugural track from their forthcoming EP, "TAKE EM ALL," released on Position Music, "Heavy Artillery" heralds a groundbreaking collaboration. This track delivers a ferocious collision of Nat James's incendiary verses and Biometrix's earth-shattering bass drops, creating an adrenaline-fuelled sonic assault that demands attention.

The EP promises a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of bass music, featuring heart-pounding drops and emotionally resonant lyrics tailor-made for gaming, high-energy activities, and moments that crave an infusion of unyielding power.

Hailing from the realm of dubstep, Biometrix's acclaim transcends borders. His genre-blending prowess, drawing from Alternative Rock, Drum and Bass, and Electro, has amassed an astounding 300 million streams worldwide. With an artistry that melds hard-hitting beats and atmospheric textures, Biometrix crafts a sonically immersive experience that captivates audiences globally.

'Heavy Artillery' is an audacious proclamation, signalling a transformative moment in music that reverberates with unrestrained power, leaving the world eagerly anticipating more from this dynamic duo.

Stream 'Heavy Artillery' now:


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