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Bleu Clair teams up team with POLOVICH on pulsating late night tech-house anthem 'In The Music'

Indonesian DJ Bleu Clair has become one of the most prominent house and techno artists on the circuit. Consistently creating and releasing new material for his worldwide audience, he is back once again on a collaboration with the brilliant POLOVICH on euphoric new single "In The Music."

Released on Terminal Underground, "In The Music" plunges listeners into the enigmatic depths of tech house. With its fusion of anthemic elements and Bleu Clair's signature style, the single immerses listeners in a shadowy landscape, evoking images of dimly lit dancefloors and pulsating rhythms.

"In The Music" possesses a subtle yet undeniable techno influence, infusing the track with a razor-sharp edge that sets it apart from the mainstream house fare. Bleu Clair's meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every percussive beat, each one meticulously crafted to enhance the overall sonic experience. From its hypnotic rhythms to its throbbing basslines, "In The Music" captivates the senses and transports listeners on a journey through the underground house culture.

Through "In The Music," Bleu Clair demonstrates his ability to capture the essence of modern house music, pushing the boundaries of the genre while staying true to his roots. With its dark and mysterious allure, this is another offering that will continue his rise to the very top.

Stream "In The Music" here:


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