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Blooms Releases Haunting New Single 'Focus'

Blooms is back with her brand new single 'Focus'. The new release follows on from Blooms’ single ‘Text Me When You Get Home’, a poignant ballad that sought to raise awareness on the issue of women’s safety.

Now Blooms returns with 'Focus', a dark-electro pop track that shows off Blooms' siganture style. With hushed vocals and icy synths, 'Focus' is a delicate offering that tells the story of questioning your feelings for someone.

"It's about loving someone but not knowing if you're in love with them. It's about questioning why you can't focus on them or feel the love they have for you, about feeling guilty for not being grateful for what you have" - Blooms shares

Blooms' next EP is expected in early 2022 - follow the latest on Bloom’s Official Site or on her socials listed below.

'Focus' credits:

Written by Shane Cunnane and Blooms

Produced by Simeon Rodgers

Mixed by Max Anstruther

Mastered by Katie Tavini


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