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Brand new lively anthem, I'm Not Sorry, from Sean Hobbes!

Energetic, youthful and endlessly charming, Sean Hobbes' latest single, I'm Not Sorry' makes for a truly tantalising listen.

Dripping in a vibrant sense of un abashed joy, I'm Not Sorry, is the summer anthem you didn't know you needed. With a heady concoction made up of alt-rock influences and an unmissable brass element, Sean Hobbes' latest release is a breathe of fresh air.

Sharing his thoughts on the track Hobbes said, “I'm Not Sorry is the triumph of being done with someone's bullshit. I actually wrote the lyrics on a flight and I was just fuming by the time I finished because it's kind of the message you wish you had been able to say to that person's face.”

Recorded with instrumentation provided by The Hi Res, consisting of Kevin Appleson, Tristan Clark, Noah English and Aidan Swindell, Sean Hobbes is taking the world by storm with his latest release.

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