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Bre Kennedy reflects on the year with 'Where Did Summer Go'

Although she has spent the majority of the year working on her debut album, newcomer Are Kennedy is already getting reflective about the past few months as she shares her new single 'Where Did Summer Go'.

Produced by Kyle Dreaden and accompanied by Jake Finch & Austin Webb at Trace Horse Studios in Nashville, TN, and co-written alongside one of her favourite wring partners Brian Brundage, 'Where Did Summer Go' is a warm and vibrant new offering that cements her as one of the more euphoric new artists emerging right now.

Speaking about the new single, she said, I wrote this while sitting at the window that I’ve been looking out of all Summer. I had so many plans and dreams to tour and get to travel this year. My friends had so many plans and dreams to do the same. Every year is for growing and to try our best to bring our visions to life. This year we had to put a lot of that on hold. It’s bittersweet, summer to me represents a golden and free time and it leaves with the season and I tried to make the most of it but I didn’t get the summer I thought I’d get to have, none of us did. I have so much to process and reflect on this fall and writing this song was the first step in me doing so."

Listen to 'Where Did Summer Go' below.



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