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Buzz Violet Shares Infectious Debut Single 'Energy'

Infectious melodies, bopping r&b backing and relatable lyricism, what's not to love about the new single from Buzz Violet. 'Energy' is the striking debut single from Buzz Violet, a new side project from London Alt-Pop outfit Petrie. Written during lockdown, the project was started as a cathartic healing process after significant life-changing events including: a complicated breakup, the unavoidable physical separation of him and bandmate Laurie Debnam (the other half of Petrie), and a near fatal accident of one of his nearest and dearest.

Despite the challenging circumstances within which the project was started, 'Energy' possesses a warming, uplifting, vibrant feel. A swaying beat and a bright guitar lines flow under the silky lead vocals creating a track which is as commercially viable as it is musically subtle and affecting. 'Energy' manages to meld elements of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop very effectively to create something which feels fresh and refreshingly light and breezy. Speaking about the single, George shares: “‘Energy’ is a confession of one’s tendency to drink too much on the weekend and make poor decisions that negatively affect the relationships with those around you.

I wrote it in the aftermath of a big night out where I made a fool of myself and regretted it - something I’m sure most of us can relate to! The narrator is explaining to a love interest that meeting them has inspired a desire to live life to the fullest by leading a crazy, hedonistic lifestyle as a means to recover from a dark period in the years beforehand. Although the love interest shares similar tendencies, they feel he’s taken it too far and he needs to ‘calm it down’ a little or he risks damaging the relationship.”

Listen below:



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