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Paul Claxton shines on his breezy new single 'Is There Something Else?'

Photo: Jack Long

Ever since he first emerged near the beginning of the century, London's Paul Claxton has always searched for a more effervescent approach to his songwriting than most. And after the glorious reception he received for his much-loved EP 'A Fall From Grace' last year, he now continues that spirited journey with his breezy new single 'Is There Something Else?'

Honing a beautifully refined and atmospheric approach to his sound this time around, his newest endeavour makes for an incredibly warm and alluring listen. Captivating us with his spellbinding vocal presence from start to finish, 'Is There Something Else?' stands as one of his most passionate and heartfelt efforts so far.

While these last two decades have certainly seen him deliver a wealth of shimmering delights, tracks like 'Is There Something Else?' prove he is still cultivating interesting pursuits in which to develop. Smooth and inviting at every turn, he maintains his place as one of the more engaging names doing the rounds right now.



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