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  • Ellie McGuire

Cagri Raydemir Unleashes Latest EP 'Absence'

“I would prefer to create something unique and rather not have a resemblance to other artists. I believe the EP is a combination of different genres and elements.” Cagri Raydemir comments on his music.

Cagri Raydemir is a singer-songwriter and music producer making a return with his brand-new four-track EP, Absence.

Absence, is a genre-blending alternative, rock, and progressive release. The production includes typical instruments of the genre (guitars, keys, drums, vocals), and also additional ones (trumpet, percussion, and folk instruments like caglama, kopuz).

Every aspect of the four-track EP - lyrics, music, vocals, instruments (excluding featured guests), programming, arrangements, recording, mixing, and mastering - was done by Cagri Raydemir in his custom-built home studio.

Regarding the lyrical concept, this new EP and; his previous releases are Cagri Raydemir’s observations on the human condition overall and up to the listener’s interpretation.


  1. Absence of Patience (feat. Julian Hesse)

  2. Absence of Candor

  3. Absence of Courtesy

  4. Absence of Tolerance



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