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Canadian Rapper, Patrik Kabongo Shares New Single '98 Degrees'

Canadian rapper, Patrik Kabongo is back with his new single '98 Degrees' taken from his new album 'High End Pack'. Famed for his to the point lyricism, Kabongo has started to make a name for himself with plays on national radio and acclaim across national press, and with the talent on display on the new single, it's not hard to see why.

Opening with airy strings and samples of bird song, '98 Degrees' quickly sets the scene for the summer bop which is about to ensue. A deep sub heavy bass thunders in ultra rythmic riff that builds the backdrop for Kabongo's effortless, ultra emotive flow to enter. With a boxy beat underlining Kabongo's distortion tinted rapping, the single already feels as though it's made to get to get a festival crowd bopping.

Ebbing and flowing through the DJ scratches, filters and dappled samples, not only does '98 Degrees' have the energy and musicality to gain mass listeners but it's also got a sense of fun, a sense of freedom. You can tell Kabongo truly enjoyed making this track which is reflected effortlessly in his performance.

The full album 'High End Pack' is out now. Listen to '98 Degrees' below:



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