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‘Caviar Capital’ is the new EP from duo The Cookie Jar Complot

The Cookie Jar Complot is an instrumental Indie band from Luxembourg. Comprised of the songwriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, the band has been active since 2020.

The Cookie Cookie Jar Complot is currently playing shows such as Luxembourgish festivals Congés Annulés and Out of the Crowd to promote their upcoming EP ‘Caviar Capital’. ‘Caviar Capital’ carves out a unique sonic journey that ebbs and flows, delivering blissful yet powerful melodies that keep you hooked.

Discussing the new EP, The Cookie Jar Complot share: "’Caviar Capital’ is the end result of about 10 years of a musical friendship that matured into an EP of 4 songs exhibiting our best qualities.”


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