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Chaz Cardigan returns with his fun-filled alt-pop in 'Rockwell'

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Chaz Cardigan is an artist who does things a bit differently. His unique vocal tonality and genre blending style has won many a fan over, as well as the reasoning behind his songs and the playful manner he portrays them in. After a string of releases all encompassing American culture, he returns with his latest one in 'Rockwell'. It's brilliantly executed by Cardigan, who says that:

'‘Rockwell’ is the fantasy of what the relationship could be. Total ecstasy in the white picket fence myth — traditional gender norms, power, and institutions that care about you. It’s a lie, but it’s fucking fun to believe in.”

Chaz channels of this energy into his alt-rock-pop fusion, and it's hugely catchy. Entirely produced by himself, he wants to drill this message home about the atypical American culture and the lies it uncovers, and it's pure genius from the young troubadour. Check out 'Rockwell' and the fantastic video alongside it now.


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