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Chloe Star reveals stadium-filling EP ‘the bed i lie in’

With her debut EP 'the bed i lie in', Chloe Star sets the feverish anticipation around the project alight, infusing her impassioned vocal lines and raw lyricism with gritty energy from brutal alt-rock arrangements.

Whether others painted with the rising pop star brush may be afraid to let the emotions roar through these distorted aesthetics, Chloe's approach is full frontal, with no holds barred and authenticity at the root of every story she tells, the artist's unique approach and true-to-life writing somehow makes her words even more relatable. As the melodies ring out, riffs rip and drums fire out energetic energy, Chloe's honesty shines through, causing a stadium-filling, singalong anthem feeling in each and every track.

Photo By Andrew Valdivia

“Loneliness, heartbreak, overcoming addiction, and just life, is the bed i lie in,” Chloe adds, “This is my most authentic piece of work that I have ever written. Being able to put my heart and soul into this project has been so healing for me on so many levels. I am officially walking in my truth and can now shut the door on the bed i lie in.”

After ‘Wasted Youth' was released to acclaim from across the music press, Chloe Star’s unleashing of the bed i lie in became all the more potent. Her beginning in musical self-expression stemming from a chaotic childhood on the West Coast of America, Chloe’s self-taught, authentic approach has already given her a skyrocketing presence, set only to continue



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