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Chris Birdd releases talent-filled EP ‘Ascension’

Chris Birdd's latest EP is entitled 'Ascension', and sees the artist take his podium position as an up-and-comer for versatile rap abilities. Each bar he delivers is laced with endless confidence, determined to showcase just how impressive his releases are. Choosing to work with heavier production, in contrast to his ethereal and emotive moments, the beasts hit you like a truck, ripping out through the speakers with gritty saturation across the 808s and gut-punching kicks.

The accompanying instrumentation darts between contrasting brightness and continued darkness, creating a hazy soundscape that bleeds late-night drives. Shown as fast-paced and talented in production, Chris now cements his rap abilities, calling out to his doubters and proving them wrong.

Earning a reputation for a multi-faceted approach that sees him take on his entire song creation process, writing producing and mixing, Chris’ fast-paced release schedule and boundless versatility have earned him several radio chart-toppers. Appearing on platforms like Netflix, Peacock, Forbes, and the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Chris’ music extends beyond the industry, with his other love of filming often making the cross into this area of his creativity.

Chris comments, “Over the past year, I've been churning out a lot of "vibey" music, but I felt like there was a piece missing – I needed to rap. Then, one morning, I woke up and wrote / recorded 3 songs back to back. Those songs evolved into what is now the ASCENSION E.P. My goal with this project is to offer my fans something that not only lifts their spirits but also boosts their confidence.

Music is all about energy, and trust me, this project is brimming with it. It's set to drop just in time for "The WAVE SEASON Tour," an eight-city tour across Europe scheduled for this July. I think subconsciously, I wanted to provide fans with new music that's filled with high energy, so that when they come to one of my shows, they know what time it is. I genuinely hope you enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life.”



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