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Coleo releases empowering single 'Been Trying'

Produced by CJ Ame in a home studio in Trois-Rivières during the 2020 lockdown, the collaboration meant it was time for both musicians to focus on creating music as a distraction. Musically, the track is highly energetic and motivational - aka everything you need from new artists right now. Speaking volumes to people needing a serotonin boost, ‘Been Trying’ champions growth and finding your feet in a hectic industry.

Explaining the meaning behind the powerful new release “Been Trying”, Coleo shares, “Been Trying talks about the hunger that I have to succeed in the industry and the fact that despite the distractions that I might have had in the past, I'm coming back heavy with fresh new music. Nevertheless, 'Been Trying'' stands for distractions that have ‘been trying’ to knock me down in vain.”

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