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TATE SEDAR presents his electrifying remix of Titus1's "My Fire"

Titled "My Fire (TATE SEDAR Remix)," this remix for Titus1 showcases the thrilling impact of bass and electro house music, turning any dance floor into a dynamic scene of energy and connection. "My Fire," a track sung by a female artist, delves into themes of longing within the progressive house genre. Released exclusively on Kult and Kraft Records, this track is part of a unique collection that includes remixes from artists like TATE SEDAR, Toxic Wraith, Ginseng, and Atwood.

The journey to this collaboration began when TATE SEDAR, a well-known Insomniac artist, crossed paths with Titus1 in Los Angeles. Titus1, visiting from Canada in 2023 to support Curbi at Club Catwalk, found an instant connection with TATE due to their mutual contacts. This meeting laid the groundwork for a burgeoning friendship that transcended digital interactions and geographical barriers, culminating in Titus1 extending a remix invitation to TATE in early 2024.

During his creative process, TATE was initially skeptical about a particular vowel lead but grew to appreciate it after feeling inspired by the electrifying atmosphere at the Beyond Wonderland SoCal festival in 2024. The festival, celebrating bass-rich genres like dubstep, trap, and drum & bass, prompted TATE to fully embrace these sounds in his remix. The final product features a deep, resonant melody and complex 2-step rhythms, highlighted by a third "fakeout" build, which adds a layer of surprise, enhancing the track's appeal, especially for new listeners.

This remix is a reflection of TATE SEDAR’s dedication to reshaping music that strikes a chord with him. Fans eager for a fresh and exciting musical experience can look forward to more of TATE’s work by following him on Spotify or his secondary SoundCloud channel, "RE: TATE SEDAR." Join TATE SEDAR on his musical journey, celebrating the unexpected connections that can transform both the creative process and the dance floor.

Stream "My Fire - TATE SEDAR Remix" here:


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