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CS Hellmann captures a sweeping energy on new single 'Up Til Dawn'

When Nashville-based artist CS Hellmann released his stunning debut EP 'Closer' in 2019, it set the stage for where he planned to take his sound next. And after a string of single efforts in the years since, he now ends his two-year break to deliver his captivating new single 'Up Til Dawn', a record brimming with rich and sweeping energy.

While his sound has always dabbled in the indie-rock sound, albeit in a far more inventive light, 'Up Til Dawn' feels like something new and more explorative altogether. Branching out from his more humbled direction to conjure a wonderfully broad and atmospheric offering this time around, he is returning to the fold to deliver one of his most energising efforts so far.

Channelling the same driven aesthetic as The War On Drugs, his newest endeavour sees him in a renewed and revived light throughout. Marking what will undoubtably be the start of his next venture, 'Up Til Dawn' is a wondrous and awe-inspiring return that cements him as a true visionary on the new music scene right now.

Enjoy 'Up Til Dawn' below.

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