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D.K. Lyons releases dazzling new single ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore (For Now)’

D.K Lyons' latest single is the energised anthem ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore (For Now)’, a track about taking a step back from a frenzied social life to take time for yourself. D.K. delivers this message in bright and rhythmic instrumentation that includes a vibrant guitar solo towards the end of the track. Vocally, D.K. is light on his feet, delivering a dazzling but raw performance that is built from incredibly catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. The single marks the next step towards the release of D.K. Lyons's new album, SOPHOMORIC RAMBLING.

D.K. shares a look into SOPHOMORIC RAMBLING, ”This album has been quite the incredible journey for me, as it started at a time where I had no idea what I was going to do next at the start of 2022. One day I was hit with the inspiration for The Girls of Summer, and then within a matter of days had written a number of other songs that I intended to be singles to bridge to my next project. But as I dove more into the material, a full album presented itself along with the concept about it being a therapy session, as I was trying to be the most raw, honest version of myself, touching on where my psyche was at, unearthing a lot of trauma and pain, and trying to find healthy ways to work through it. The album title is a reference to this, where I gave myself that freedom to ramble and be sophomoric, and obviously I loved the play on words with it being my "sophomore" album.

But with it being exactly an hour in length intentionally, the idea is to take the listener on a journey, starting at the 30K foot level of the world, social media, societal pressures, and then slowly digging down deeper as the album goes on and getting more and more personal before I sort of turn the corner and find clarity. Hope is also the key word that presents itself in so many of the songs, a feeling I really didn't have while writing the album but aspired towards, and I think getting to this point where I am now with it coming out, hope is more bountiful in my life than when the process began.”

D.K. Lyons has been pursuing a rock star dream since he was five years old. Rooting his indie-pop-rock sound in storytelling, the Manhattan-based artist takes influence from iconic musicians, with everything from Prince to The 1975 impacting his writing. After honing his craft at open mic nights, D.K. debuted with Blame My Astrology before following up with The Past (Romanticized).


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