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Dainjazone releases brilliant new fun-filled video for 'Power' featuring FlyGirl Tee

Dainjazone is a celebrated DJ/producer known for his energetic live sets and storied history as the touring DJ for multi-platinum-selling group LMFAO, and is continuing the electrifying rollout of 'Evolution In Progress Vol. 2.'

After releasing the first single, 'Power,' weeks earlier, he now treats his audience to a captivating music video that brings this powerful song to life. Dainjazone's journey through the music industry has been one-of-a-kind, and this latest chapter, 'Evolution In Progress Vol. 2,' promises to add new layers to his already impressive legacy, with new songs, videos, and content leading to an eagerly anticipated EP.

The 'Power' music video is a visual spectacle, characterised by exceptional editing that flows seamlessly. It immerses viewers in a world of sun-soaked beaches and exhilarating club scenes, capturing the essence of confidence, power, and beauty. The video vividly conveys the message of being unapologetically oneself and simply vibing to the music. FlyGirl Tee's confident verses and Dainjazone's powerful performance resonate with the audience, making it an immersive experience.

Be enamoured and simply enjoy this visual feast alongside what is already an impressive and eclectic track. Check it out now.

Watch the video for 'Power' here:


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