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Dainjazone x Redfoo combine to release infectious electro-dance single 'Long Live Party Rock'

Party rock innovator LMFAO burst onto the scene over a decade ago with a brand of music that we had never seen the likes of before. Intoxicating dance-pop rhythms with easy and infectious singalong lyrics, it became an absolute global sensation.

Now in 2023, Dainjazone x Redfoo are looking to take matters into their own well formed hands, The latter is actually now a member of LMFAO, and has teamed up with DJ veteran Dainjazone to create a continuation of this worldwide hit. Redfoo brings the same energy that brought so many millions of people so much joy, and in 'Long Live Party Rock', the two provide the perfect tribute and ode to this classic.

Always a mover, 'Long Live Party Rock' is the perfect feel-good dance-pop track to get you in the mood for your party playlists and beyond. It's clear that Dainjazone has all the potential in this scene, as the legendary Redfoo was instantly hooked from his first demo, and they have now created something that will appease all those LMFAO listeners with the best suprise.

Stream 'Long Live Party Rock' here:

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