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Deja Renee to Release Single "Starting Over" 11/3

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Credit: Photo House Imagery LLC

Pop and R&B singer/songwriter Deja Renee has returned with her latest single “Starting Over,” set for release on November 3rd. The track, a sparkling tale of resilience, rests on Renee’s pop-tinged vocals and soothing harmonies. With a steady beat and infectious chorus, Renee invites the listener to find solace in their own new beginnings. “It’s hard to find your place in a world that is so unkind/ Gotta keep my head up,/ I can’t fall behind,” she sings. Influence from Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly shine through as the track gives us a taste of what is to come from her upcoming EP, Starting Over.

Based in San Diego, Deja Renee has been surrounded by music since her childhood, soundtracked to the oldies and R&B. She played the clarinet and trumpet in her teenage years. Her voice was strengthened by time spent in her high school choir, eventually completing an Associates of Arts in Music Performance for Classical Voice at MiraCosta College. She is professionally trained vocally in both jazz and classical music.

In 2021, Renee began to release her solo projects, beginning with her debut single “Look At Me Now.” Her debut EP “I Can’t Hear You” would eventually set her up for her first spot on the charts, coming in at #36 on the UK iTunes Charts for her 2023 top of the year single “Jealous.”

“Starting Over” is a turning point for Renee’s music as she moves into this new EP cycle. A transition to a new job inspired the track, but it holds an incredibly relatable message. “It can be about starting over at any point in your life,” she shares. “New relationship, new city, new school, new job. Starting over is a big life change and is never easy.” There is a sense of comfort in her refrain, one that listeners are sure to find themselves singing along to.

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