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  • Rose Shannonn

Divine Lightbody drops refreshing new track ‘Saved A Song’

Divine Lightbody has released a brand new song entitled, 'Saved A Song'. Inspired by Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone, Divine Lightbody offers authenticity and raw emotion that is incomparable.

‘Saved a song’ sinks deeply into the listener’s ear; each lyric and melody can be felt so intensely. Divine Lightbody creates a wave of feelings that can be stomached musically and physically. Her silky harmonious vocals blend well with the smooth multi-instrumental beat, ‘Saved a song’ channels: confidence, romance, and passion - which sends a wave-length of memories to reminisce on, when dwelling about a lover.

The talented 19-year-old singer cruises over the beat; her sleek voice is escapism for whoever’s listening. Divine Lightbody quotes, “I saved a song for you, for my heart that's been beating too hard... I saved a song for my heart". Lyrically genius and creative, ‘Saved a song’ is relatable and reflective.

Listen to the full track below:

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