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Electro-pop artist CHAiLD unveils new EP "Urgent Care"

CHAiLD made a comeback with a new EP, "Urgent Care", which was created during a period when he was feeling hopeless and turned to songwriting as a coping mechanism. The EP is a harrowing and sensitive study of the artist's quest for recovery and self-acceptance. CHAiLD expresses his realization that showing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but an opportunity to connect with people and with oneself through his sincere lyrics and beautiful music. The EP's tone is established by the title track, "Urgent Care", in which CHAiLD candidly discusses his problems and admits that he needs assistance. As the artist explores his past traumas and the grief he has been carrying for too long, this topic influences the entire EP.

Talking about the EP, he says: “Urgent care” is my way of opening up to myself and to others. Throughout my life, I thought vulnerability was a flaw and that showing weakness resulted in an open invitation for people to hurt me. However now, I know I am allowed to tell people I’m not ok. It is ok to break down and to accept the fact that the world feels just a bit too much to handle from time to time. So, from now on, I will try to heal from the hurt I’ve been carrying within me. And most importantly, instead of dealing with it alone, I will ask for help. Yes, I am in urgent need for care.

Listen below:



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