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Elohim beautifully turns dance into vulnerability in "Can't Remember Your Name"

In a mesmerising plunge into her intricate mental landscape, Elohim unveils "Can't Remember Your Name," her poignant first single of 2024, scheduled for release on January 26th. Following the raw and vulnerable tones of "Broken Face" in December, Elohim delves even deeper into the abyss of her emotions with this latest track, sharing her struggles with seeking solace in prescription medication during her fall 2023 tour.

The narrative unfurls as Elohim recounts grappling with overwhelming anxiety and panic on tour, leading to an increased reliance on prescription medication. The desperation escalated to the point where she was taking five times the prescribed dosage, resulting in drastic physical and mental repercussions. In just two weeks, she shed over ten pounds, experiencing uncontrollable shaking and daily vomiting. Recognising the perilous path she was on, Elohim's team intervened, deciding it was time for her to return home and seek help.

Known for her genre-blurring musical prowess, Elohim once again showcases her chameleon-like ability, with "Can't Remember Your Name" residing in the dance-focused and bass-heavy realms of Electronic and Bass music. The track envelops the listener with swelling bass, echoing synths, and an infectious beat, cradling Elohim's ethereal vocals as she confesses, "I take the drugs so my fears go away."

For Elohim, writing has become a therapeutic refuge during her healing journey. The challenges of 2023 have served as poignant muses, and "Can't Remember Your Name" is a testament to the therapeutic power of creative expression. Elohim bares her vulnerabilities with echoes of honesty, providing listeners an unapologetic glimpse into her psyche.

Stream "Can't Remember Your Name" here:

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